David and Goliath: A poem of description

David and Goliath: A poem of description






That wicked one came, a giant in our sight, And morn by morn he put us to flight. “I defy your God!” that serpent cried, and with cowardice, blushing, each man turned aside. That Giant jeered and boasted proudly, “I am your master and to me, you will bow. We all with hearts like wax melted at the knees as we turned our backs. We then lifted our cry, “O God our salvation, to us draw nigh.” And lo there came, a youth despised; humble and low; un-esteemed in our eyes. He stared that wolf down as a shepherd does the beast, “To the birds of the air your flesh will be a feast!” And that boy arose by God’s strength alone and gathered from the earth five simple stones. He swung one around in a gathering storm at that liar of old, for to this he was born. That giant did stumble, I tell you so now, as that rock of offense crushed his old brow. And we fled no more that day, for unto us a son was given; one mighty to save.


David and Goliath

30 x 40 Oil on panel