I Played My Best For Him

I Played My Best For Him






We are all quite familiar with the Little Drummer Boy and I suspect often listen to it with a pa rum pum pum pum in our step. But if ever you stop and listen to the song it is quite a powerful story. It tells of the worthiness of a Savior to receive the finest gifts men can give. The boy in the song has no fine gift and so he gives what he can; namely himself in worship. He played his best for Him. And what’s more, the child king accepts the worship of one who is insignificant by all worldly standards. In fact, He delighted in it. Sure it is just a song, but the truths of the condescension of Christ for the lowliest of humanity are downright beautiful.


I Played My Best For Him/The Little Drummer Boy

30 x 30 Oil on panel