The Woman At The Well

The Woman At The Well






Notice the two women in the back, jeering and haughty. These two figures are a reminder that Christ did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Notice the broken water bottles in the back that stand as a reminder of the brokenness of the woman’s life. The rocks in the foreground call to mind the judgment that was due to her; nothing short of stoning was required for adultery under the Mosaic Law. But Christ was on his way through Samaria to ultimately bear her judgment in himself. The glass water jar she is holding is symbolic of the living water that Christ would eventually give her. The blue jar on the ground is her own pitcher that she left behind, her old course of life if you will, in order to take the living water of Christ. Finally, her expression indicates the knowledge of her unworthiness to receive any favor from her Lord. She is dumbstruck by the kindness of the God-Man who told her all she ever did. It is as if she is saying back to Jesus “You want me?”


The Woman At The Well: From the gospel of John

60 x 72 Oil on panel